Granger School Rankings in Indiana

granger school rankings penn harris madison schools

Granger School Rankings in Indiana As a resident of Granger Indiana, one of your top concerns is the schools your children will be attending so that they may receive the best education. The good news is that many of the schools in Granger are highly ranked in the state of Indiana. The main school corporation […]

Six Factors that Determine Whether a House Will Sell

6 factors that determine if a house will sell

Just a thought: One of the things I love most about being a real estate professional in Elkhart is I can help people find the home of their dreams, start over in a new area with ease, and move into the next phase of their lives. It’s wonderful to be able to share those experiences […]

8 Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Winter Time

8 reasons to sell your home in the winter

Why It’s Smart to Sell Your Elkhart Home During Winter Every year about this time we get call after call from homeowners who are thinking of selling their home in the Elkhart and Mishawaka area but can’t decide whether they should wait until spring. The answer? “NO!” Different markets provide their own great reasons for […]

Home Selling Mistakes To Avoid in a Slowing Market

slow housing market

Mistakes when selling in a slowing market The other day I was researching housing market statistics in the local area and I have good news for you. The housing markets in Elkhart, Mishawaka, Granger, and South Bend that I looked up, show continuation as sellers markets heading into 2017. Each of these markets continues to […]

11 Marketing Tips to Sell Your Home Faster


11 Marketing Tips for a Faster Home Sale Whether you are thinking of selling your home via “for sale by owner” or going the traditional route of using a real estate broker, these 11 tips will help you get more offers and sell your home faster. Feel free to download these 11 tips at the […]

Methods of Transferring Home Ownership


Methods of Transferring Home Ownership As a homeowner, you’ll usually think of transferring ownership of property through a sale. But there are also other methods that ownership can be transferred. Here are the following methods: Sale – the owner agrees to hand over title in exchange for consideration, usually completed with a deed Gift – […]

Closing Math: Calculations You Should Know

closing math real estate commission

Closing Math: Calculations You Should Know After you read this guide yo will be able to: Calculate the realtor’s commission Calculate the seller’s share Property taxes Rules of proration Calculate proration of costs Calculating the Realtor’s Commission: When you are selling your home, you’ll sign a listing agreement with the listing agent and his/her brokerage […]

Understanding Real Estate Legal Descriptions


Understanding Real Estate Legal Descriptions Any time the word “legal” is involved it’s not usually very fun. So it’s no surprise that the term “real estate legal descriptions” doesn’t seem very interesting when you hear it. But, it is important because legal descriptions tell you what real estate land you are acquiring and its accuracy […]

The Ultimate Guide to Closings & Settlement Statements


What is Closing? Closing is the process where a buyer and seller come together to exchange funds for the title of a property. Due to the different transactions costs involved with closing, a balance sheet must be kept which is known as a closing statement. It lists out all the debits and credits of the […]

Ultimate Guide to Indiana Home Selling Costs


Indiana Home Selling Costs While selling thousands of homes in the Northern Indiana area over the last thirty five years, I realized many homeowners don’t realize all the home selling costs involved with selling a home. The downside to this is unexpected cost surprises. To prevent this from happening, it’s important that a real estate […]

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