Granger School Rankings in Indiana

As a resident of Granger Indiana, one of your top concerns is the schools your children will be attending so that they may receive the best education. The good news is that many of the schools in Granger are highly ranked in the state of Indiana.

The main school corporation many Granger students fall within is the Penn Harris Madison School Corporation. Penn Harris Madison currently ranks 32nd out of 326 Indiana districts according to

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Granger Primary Schools / Elementary Schools

Granger is home to 11 different primary schools, 4 of which rank in the top 25 in the entire state according to SchoolDigger. Here are the 11 different elementary schools located in Granger by SchoolDigger ranking:

#1: Northpoint Elementary – 3rd out of 1,050

#2: Prairie Vista Elementary – 5th out of 1,050

#3: Horizon Elementary School – 15th out of 1,050

#4: Mary Frank Harris Elementary School – 24th out of 1,050

#5: Madison Elementary School – 100th out of 1,050

#6: Meadows Edge Elementary School –  215th out of 1,050

#7: Moran Elementary School – 242nd out of 1,050

#8: Bittersweet Elementary School  – 246th out of 1,050

#9: Elm Road Elementary School – 435th out of 1,050

#10: Elsie Rodgers Elementary School – 522nd out of 1,050

#11: Walt Disney Elementary School – 596th out of 1,050

Granger Middle School Rankings – Indiana

Here are the three middle schools that belong to the Penn Harris Madison School Corporation that the majority of Granger residents would attend.

  1. Discovery Middle School – 3rd out of 485
  2. Schmucker Middle School – 35th out of 485
  3. Grissom Middle School – 139th out of 485

It’s also possible that your Granger subdivision falls within the Elkhart Community Schools district and therefore your children would attend West Side Middle School in Elkhart. West Side Middle School currently ranks 260th out of 485 schools.

Granger High School School Rankings – Indiana

Depending on where your home is located in Granger, your children may attend one of these 3 public high schools near Granger but not located in Granger.

  1. Penn High School (Mishawaka) – 12th out of 395
  2. Elkhart Memorial High School – 205th out of 395
  3. Clay High School (South Bend) – 344th out of 395

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