Golf Course Homes for Sale Elkhart Indiana

golf course homes for sale in elkhart indiana

Golf Course Homes for Sale in Elkhart Indiana Do you love to play golf? Do you wish you had the luxury of a golf course in your back yard? Look no farther! Team Foy can help you find the perfect golf course community to call home in Elkhart Indiana. Golf course homes are perfect for […]

Granger Indiana Housing Market Report 2016 – Team Foy RE/MAX Oak Crest Realty

granger indiana housing market report

Granger Indiana Housing Market Report for 2016 If you need assistance finding a home for sale in Granger or selling your current home, reach out to us for assistance. When you work with Team Foy, you get two highly talented and professional real estate agents instead of one helping to solve your real estate needs. […]

Granger School Rankings in Indiana

granger school rankings penn harris madison schools

Granger School Rankings in Indiana As a resident of Granger Indiana, one of your top concerns is the schools your children will be attending so that they may receive the best education. The good news is that many of the schools in Granger are highly ranked in the state of Indiana. The main school corporation […]

10 Signs That You’re Doing Business with a Predatory Mortgage Lender

predatory mortgage lender

How to Spot Predatory Mortgage Lenders We like to believe that most people are good-hearted and ethical when conducting business, but there are still unethical business practices that exist who don’t have your best interests in mind. In 2007 we went through a financial crisis caused by the greed in the mortgage industry from bankers, […]

The Purpose of Property Taxation & What Happens If You Don’t Pay

property taxes explained

The Purpose of Property Taxation Upon becoming a homeowner, you’ll be responsible for paying annual property taxes to the city. As a homeowner, you may be asking “why tax my land?” Despite the drawbacks of taxing real estate, there are a lot of benefits that outweigh the perceived problems. Here are several reasons listed for […]

Methods of Transferring Home Ownership


Methods of Transferring Home Ownership As a homeowner, you’ll usually think of transferring ownership of property through a sale. But there are also other methods that ownership can be transferred. Here are the following methods: Sale – the owner agrees to hand over title in exchange for consideration, usually completed with a deed Gift – […]

The Guide on Title Insurance & Why It’s Important

home owner title insurance policy

What is title insurance? It’s an insurance policy guaranteeing that title to property is a good title insuring the policyholder against loss or damages from defects in the title. After reading this article you will understand how to: Define chain of title Describe how a title search is conducted Differentiate between standard title insurance and […]

Understanding Real Estate Legal Descriptions


Understanding Real Estate Legal Descriptions Any time the word “legal” is involved it’s not usually very fun. So it’s no surprise that the term “real estate legal descriptions” doesn’t seem very interesting when you hear it. But, it is important because legal descriptions tell you what real estate land you are acquiring and its accuracy […]

The Ultimate Guide to Closings & Settlement Statements


What is Closing? Closing is the process where a buyer and seller come together to exchange funds for the title of a property. Due to the different transactions costs involved with closing, a balance sheet must be kept which is known as a closing statement. It lists out all the debits and credits of the […]

Ultimate Guide to Home Buying Costs


The Ultimate Guide to Home Buyer Costs What are the costs of buying a home? Whether you’re a first time buyer or an experienced home owner, this question has surely crossed your mind before. This is a great question to ask because buying a home is likely going to be one of your most expensive […]

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