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Goshen is a city in Elkhart County Indiana. It is located in northern Indiana, close to the Michigan border. It is about 120 miles from the city of Chicago and 150 miles from Indianapolis. The city gets its name from the historical “The Land of Goshen” which is mentioned in the Bible.

Goshen is the twenty-eighth largest city in Indiana. Its population is estimated to be just over 33,000. The Elkhart River, a tributary of the St. Joseph River, winds right through the city. Goshen has an area of almost 43 square kilometers. The density of people in Goshen is 770 square kilometers.

Goshen is known to be a manufacturing hub for RVs (recreational vehicles). The famous University of Notre Dame is also located in an unincorporated area called Notre Dame close to the city. Goshen is also home to the Elkhart County 4-H Fair which is one of the largest county fairs in the United States.

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Goshen History

Goshen was officially platted in the year 1831. The early settlers in Goshen were the Yankee immigrants who migrated from New England. There was significant overpopulation in New England as families had up to 9 children. Each child who grew older ended up wanting his/her own farmland. This became difficult as the population grew steadily. Hence, residents of New England moved further west in search of self-sustaining farmland.

The construction of the Erie Canal made the migration from New England to Goshen easier. The end of the Black Hawk War made Goshen a relatively “safer” place for the migrants from New England.

The Goshen area was full of dense forest and wild prairie. As the migration to Goshen grew, roads and government buildings were built. Railroads were an important part of Elkhart County’s economy in the late 19th century. By mid-1930s, travel trailers were produced in the Goshen area and that is what laid the foundation for the city becoming the RV capital of the world.

Goshen Connectivity

South Bend is well-connected to major highways via state roads. The city is linked with state roads 33 and 15. US Route 20 and 6 are located just north and south, respectively, of Goshen. Interstate highways 80 and 90 are also in close proximity to Goshen. Cities like South Bend, Chicago, Detriot, Toledo, Cleveland can all be reached via these state roads and highways.

Route 15 cuts right through central Goshen while routes 33 and 38 form a triangular loop around the city. Public transport is sparse in Goshen. The Interurban Trolley connects Goshen to Elkhart and Dunlap. The Trolley route also passes through Elkhart’s Amtrak train station.

The Interurban Trolley also runs along the Bittersweet/Mishawaka route which allows passengers to transfer to TRANSPO buses. TRANSPO offers services to South Bend and the South Bend International Airport.

The South Bend international airport is the aviation hub for the Michiana region. It connects South Bend to larger aviation hubs like Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Orlando. Goshen too has a Municipal Airport though it isn’t as large or busy.

In terms of rail connectivity, passengers from Goshen have to travel to Elkhart’s Amtrak station to access the Capitol Limited and Lake Shore Limited trains. Amtrak’s Lake Shore Limited train travels to the cities of Boston, New York, and Chicago. Amtrak’s Capitol Limited line connects Elkhart to Chicago as well as Washington DC.

Passengers from Goshen can also go to the South Bend International Airport and travel on the South Shore Line to the Millennium Station in Chicago.

Goshen Employment

Elkhart County is often referred to as the recreational vehicle (RV) capital of the world. One in two RVs in America is built in the Elkhart area. The growth in travel and tourism has led to a growing demand for RVs.

The motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing industry employs about 30,000 people in the Goshen-Elkhart area. In fact, the industry accounts for over 20% of all jobs in the area.

Automotive component companies like Benteler, Supreme, and Showhauler are located in the Goshen area. RV manufacturers like Thor, Dutchmen, Forest River, and Keystone are also based close to Goshen.

Besides manufacturing, retail accounts for 10% of jobs in Goshen, healthcare accounts for 11%, and education is responsible for almost 9% of jobs in Goshen.

The top employers in the general Goshen area are as follows:

Company Number of Employees
1 Thor Industries 13622
2 Forest River 10000
3 Lippert Components 5500
4 Patrick Industries 2900
5 Beacon Health System 2200
6 Elkhart Community Schools 1800
7 Indiana University Health Goshen 1500
8 Goshen Community Schools 1440
9 Elkhart County Government 1020
10 Martin’s Supermarket 900

Goshen Education

Goshen’s Community School District has a total of nine schools which provide education to 6600 students. Seven are elementary schools, one is a middle school, and one is a high school.

The Goshen High School, particularly, is a high-quality educational institute and is considered to be the 12th best school in all of Indiana. It is ranked in the top 6% of all high schools across the US.

Music is a major focus area for schools in Goshen. The Goshen High School has consistent state qualifiers in all music areas such as band, choir, orchestra, jazz, and percussion ensemble. The Goshen Middle School has also added music facilities during recent renovations.

Goshen is also home to Bethany Christian Schools, a private Christian school for grades 4 to 12. In terms of higher education, Goshen College is the only recognized college in the city. It has about 800 students enrolled.

Outside of Goshen but close to the city, the most famous institution is the University of Notre Dame. Saint Mary’s College and Holy Cross College are also situated near the Notre Dame area, which is within driving range from Goshen.

South Bend is also not far from Goshen. Indiana University has a South Bend campus. Purdue has a Purdue Polytechnic Institute in South Bend, and there is also the Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana.

The Goshen public library is the main free lending library of the city.

Goshen Sports

Baseball fans will be interested in the South Bend Cubs, the city’s Class A Minor League Baseball team. The South Bend Cubs play at the Coveleski Stadium in downtown South Bend. The team, as the name may suggest, is affiliated with the Chicago Cubs.

The team’s fan store is located in a very unique building known as the Ballpark Synagogue. It is a 1901 synagogue building which also hosts events.

For those interested in College Football, there is no bigger team than the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The city’s sporting scene pretty much revolves around Notre Dame’s college football team. Football Saturdays is a big event in the city, with tailgate parties and game screenings happening everywhere.

Notre Dame’s basketball games are also quite popular among basketball fans in Goshen.

Goshen Events

The Elkhart County 4-H Fair is the biggest annual event in Goshen. This county fair is one of the largest in the US. It has daily shows with animals like horses and alligators. Children can interact with select animals as well.

Shows like Demolition Derby and Rodeo are also quite popular. There are races and car shows. The fair also displays artifacts and exhibits (like dinosaur models). Carnival rides are a big part of the fair. A giant Ferris wheel is set up every year at the fair.

Music is also a big part of the 4-H Fair. Plenty of bands perform at the fair and there are concerts every evening. There are plenty of food trucks/trailers and food stalls as well. Overall, it is a unique experience and people of all ages attend the 4-H Fair.

The Goshen Air Show is another interesting event for aviation enthusiasts. It takes place annually at the Goshen Municipal Airport.

The most recent event had the US Air Force’s F22 Raptor team perform a 20-minute show. Other attractions and events include a 5-K run and a fireworks display.

Goshen First Fridays is a city-led initiative to make the Goshen downtown area active. First Fridays, as the name suggests, happens on every first Friday of the month. Every First Friday event has a theme to it.

One of the First Fridays is about classic cars, one is about playing corn hole and eating corn-based snacks, one is about showcasing local artists, and so on. There is plenty of activity and food during every First Friday event.

The Millrace canal is a scenic waterway in Goshen. Every year, various forms of arts are displayed along this waterway as part of the Arts on the Millrace event. There are concerts, games for children, food stalls, and other activities throughout the day as well.

Films lovers will be interested in the annual River Bend film festival which happens every year during the month of May. Independent films from around the world are screened over 2 days. There are activities, food stalls, and other attractions as well.

The other film event in Goshen is the Dive-In movie event at Shanklin pool, where people can watch movies while floating on the pool waters.

Goshen Recreation

Goshen is home to multiple parks. Shanklin Park is the largest of them all, measuring 90 acres. Developed in 1958, Shanklin Park is the hub of recreational activities in Goshen. The park is situated between the Elkhart River and the Millrace Canal.

There are plenty of facilities at Shanklin Park. Sports enthusiasts will be interested in the baseball/softball diamonds at the park. The Schrock Pavilion is a rentable space that can be used to host a variety of events. The Shanklin Pool is a public swimming pool located at the park premises. Anyone interested in learning swimming or doing laps for exercise purposes will find the swimming pool quite useful.

There are plenty of nature trails and nature hikes that are possible in Goshen. You can walk or bike across 12 major trails throughout the city. The Rieth Interpretive Center provides guidance and information about such activities.

Being close to Elkhart River, residents of Goshen have the benefit of taking canoe and kayaking trips on the river. There are rental shops which provide the kayaks and canoes as well. Tubing is also popular with the locals in Goshen.

During the winter, cross country skiing is a popular activity in the city. Ski rentals are also available.

The Sauder Concert Hall at Goshen College’s campus also hosts music and performing arts events throughout the year.

Goshen Restaurants

Goshen is home to plenty of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines and flavors from around the world. The Goshen Brewing Company is the most popular eating joint in the city. The ambiance is quite relaxed, with a brick-walled building and patio space giving the space a pub-like feel.

There are plenty of in-house beers brewed in a 7 barrel brewhouse. The food is classic American with plenty of sandwiches and other starter items on the menu. Sunday brunch is also quite popular.

Indian food lovers will find it worthwhile to make a trip to Maple Indian cuisine. There is a buffet option and an a-la-carte option as well. All the classic Indian dishes are available here. People who want to eat vegetarian or vegan food will also find lots of options at Maple Indian cuisine.

Kelly Jae’s is a great tapas restaurant offering a variety of Caribbean inspired tapas dishes with an Asian flair. The restaurant itself is small and cozy. There are plenty of hot and cold plates on the menu. The chocolate cake dessert is also quite famous. The tapas-style menu means a group can share food and enjoy good conversations over drinks.

Italian food and pizza lovers will be delighted to know about Venturi, a certified Neopolitan Pizzeria. The certified part is significant because there are fewer than 100 certified Neopolitan pizzerias across America. Venturi is one of those select few.

The red brick walls and cozy atmosphere is complemented by pizzas, sandwiches, and classic Italian desserts like Panna Cotta. No wonder Venturi is one of the top 50 restaurants across Indiana.

Finally, if you want a classic old-time American diner experience, then head over to Olympia Candy Kitchen. It has a nostalgic ambiance that will make you feel as if you have gone back 30-40 years in time. The breakfast items and sundaes are the items that people order here. The handmade candies are also a big hit with the locals and outside visitors. Try the chocolate caramels here (even the White House ordered them) and the Olive Nut sandwich.

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