Elkhart Community School Rankings in Indiana

As a resident of Elkhart Indiana, one of your top concerns is the schools your children will be attending so that they may receive the best education. The good news is that Elkhart is home to many high quality schools with great teachers and resources for the students to use to better their education. Both of my sons, Nick & Michael, went through the Elkhart Community School Corporation and graduated top of their classes. They both went on to great 4 year colleges for academics and athletics. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer! Email me at Nick@TeamFoy.com.

The main school corporation in the city of Elkhart is the Elkhart Community School Corporation. Residents of Elkhart County may fall within the Concord, Jimtown, or Goshen school districts as well depending on the neighborhood. Today’s article however will focus only on the Elkhart Community School Corporation.

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Elkhart Primary Schools / Elementary Schools

Elkhart is home to 14 different primary schools, and below you’ll find them ranked in order according to the School Digger ranking. You can learn more about each school on SchoolDigger’s website here.

#1: Pinewood Elementary – 465th out of 1,050

#2: Riverview Elementary – 694th out of 1,050

#3: Cleveland Elementary School – 705th out of 1,050

#4: Monger Elementary School – 733rd out of 1,050

#5: Bristol Elementary School – 734th out of 1,050

#6: Mary Feeser Elementary School –  737th out of 1,050

#7: Eastwood Elementary School – 751st out of 1,050

#8: Osolo Elementary School  – 863rd out of 1,050

#9: Woodland Elementary School – 871st out of 1,050

#10: Hawthorne Elementary School – 914th out of 1,050

#11: Mary Daly Elementary School – 955th out of 1,050

#12: Beardsley Elementary School – 963rd out of 1,050

#13: Roosevelt Elementary School – 1,000th out of 1,050

#14: Mary Beck Elementary School – 1,003rd out of 1,050

Elkhart Middle School Rankings – Indiana

Here are the three middle schools that belong to the Elkhart Community School Corporation that the majority of Elkhart residents would attend.

  1. West Side Middle School – 26oth out of 485
  2. North Side Middle School – 332nd out of 485
  3. Pierre Moran Middle School – 42oth out of 485

It’s also possible that you decide to send your children to private schools like St. Thomas or Elkhart Christian Academy to name a few.

Elkhart High School School Rankings – Indiana

Depending on where your home is located in Elkhart, your children may attend one of these public high schools:

  1. Elkhart Memorial High School – 2o5th out of 395
  2. Elkhart Central High School – 208th out of 395

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Disclaimer: This article does not reflect the opinions of Team Foy. It is merely educational and uses SchoolDigger’s ranking, not the ranking of Team Foy.